A. For clean machines presently using mineral oil, Diester or Synthetic Hydrocarbon 

1.Drain compressor thoroughly

2.Change oil filters

3.Fill with NASYN FF-LV Fluid and run compressor at operating temperature for 2 to 4 hours

4.Drain thoroughly and refill with a fresh charge of NASYN Compressor Fluid.

5.Send lube sample to NASYN’s laboratory or qualified labs at 200 hours.

B. If the compressor is dirty or varnished or contains oxidized fluid:

1.Drain the previous lubricant from the main reservoir, oil piping, filters, and oil cooler, preferably while the lubricant is hot.

2.Change oil filters.

3.Fill compressor with NASYN FF-LV.

4.Run compressor under normal operating conditions for 24 hours, closely monitoring oil filters. Change oil filters as necessary. Heavily varnished machines may have to be run a short time (4 to 8 hours) to prevent separator plugging.

5.Drain the Cleaner completely. Inspect oil filters and replace if necessary.

6.Fill compressor with fresh NASYN FF-LV and operate under normal conditions for 200 to 400 hours, depending on extent of varnish. Monitor filters closely and replace as necessary.

7.Drain the machine as in Step #1. Inspect oil filter and air/oil separator elements. Replace if necessary.

a.Internal components (e.g. air/oil separator housing, tubing, and oil cooler) must be clean.

b.Heavily varnished compressors may require alternate cleaning procedure.






NASYN FF-LV Highly Efficient Ester Flushing Fluids Instructions

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